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2 February 2012

[ROM] GingerDX For Xperia X8 | v030 | 14-04-2013

Ok, let's have some other fun

This is also my personal ROM. Second attempt to build a ROM. I think it's time to move on from FroyoBread. I've been kinda "out of idea" to improve FroyoBread. It was fun improving FroyoBread.

This time, it's GingerDX. As you can guess, it's gonna be a Gingerbread with DX (that's abbreviation for my nickname) features. Many well-known features ("smooth" optimization, flip to mute/snooze...) in FroyoBread will be brought to this ROM. Basically, this ROM will be similar to FroyoBread in term of features, but different in core (CM7 vs CM6).

The main goal is to have a fast, smooth, lightweight CM7 with special features.

2D performance was greatly improved in GingerDX (compared to stock CM7) because of lots of optimizations. Optimization for 2D was the first priority for me after building CM7. Camera was a pain in the {you know what} for all Gingerbread ROMs. Starting from v005, GingerDX supports fully working Camera at 3MP and VGA Video Recording. Also, WEP adhoc is fully supported.

Like previously, I asked racht and got permission to base my ROM on his famous HACKDROID. Thank you racht. I still need to thank for your compile machine

Features: Similar to FroyoBread
Clean and latest CM7 Nightlies. Latest Gingerbread 2.3.7.
Fully working Camera
Minimal number of apps are installed.
Lightweight: maximum 99MB of free RAM.
My favorite modules: X8Gesture v007, X8Undervolt v001, X8MDDI v001, AX8 SMARTASS
The usual things with other ROMs: wifi / bluetooth / usb / sensors / 3d / video / fmradio / camera / rooted / jit / zipaligned / app2sd / ...
Smooth. It IS as smooth as CM6 in 2D (menu scrolling/flinging...)
A-Theme Lite included.
WEP adhoc supported
Dual Recovery and reboot to xRecovery/CWM
CallMeLouder: Louder ringer when the phone is inside bags.
Improved Flipping down mutes ringer
Flipping down snoozes alarm
Disable LED notification in night
Back button ends call
Built-in Transparent Status Bar support
Hide avatar in SMS
Quick Copy / Quick Paste
View.measure() method caching for improved 2D performance
Custom carrier text
Built-in loop ringtone support without OGG editing
Optimized ("smoothened") scrolling/flinging
Random Lockscreen
Sense Lockscreen / Boot sound / Ringtone / Live WallPaper
Smart dialer
Sleep button on Power Control widget
Recent apps on status bar
Center clock on status bar
Status bar battery indicator
Configuration section (with localization for many languages)

Known bugs
Battery drain(?). For many people it isn't.

- Rooted
- ClockworkMod Recovery (v014+)
- Latest kernel and latest baseband xxx015
- Desire to delete Stock SE's Eclair

Downloads: V30

Old downloads


Source is available at github. Feel free to contribute. If you want to join in development, drop me a PM.

Addons (Optional). Note: flash these after you flash GingerDX
Timescape for GingerDX v010+
Modules for stock kernel. Flash with CWM. This package contains: AnDyX's Dualtouch for Cypress, AnDyX's smartass governor, ext3/4, X8Gesture, X8MDDI, X8UV.

Install instruction
0. (Optional but highly recommended) Flash LinuxDX.
1. Download
2. Copy to sdcard
3. Reboot to CWM (v014+) or xRecovery (v013-)
4. Install custom zip
5. (Optional) Install addons custom zip
6. Reboot

All versions will preserve your DATA partition, so don't worry about losing apps/setting.

Themes (Note: I am not responsible for system instability caused by these themes)
GingerDX's officially included theme is A-Theme Lite by AChep (Thank you mate!). Full version of A-Theme slowed GingerDX's scrolling a little bit, so I decided to use A-Theme Lite instead.

GingerDX's core is CM7. That means it natively supports T-Mobile themes. You can find other themes in the list of available T-Mobile themes in XDA Android's theme sticky. Download theme to your phone and use Theme Chooser app (included in GingerDX) to select theme.

How to "Sensify" your GingerDX. This is not real sense, but it's nice
1. First you need Launcher Pro Sense. Search on the net for apk.
2. Install old Fancy Widget (I'm using v1.3.0), or Launcher Pro Sense Widgets
3. Install NTSense, a theme for CM7, and apply it in Theme Chooser
4. Use Sense Live Wallpaper (will be included in v013+)
5. Use Sense Lockscreen in GingerDX settings
Your X8 will look great! :-)

Notice: Very important. Read all before posting questions!
1. This is my personal ROM. I just want to share it with everybody. You can report bugs here, but don't force me to fix them. I fix what I need. For example, I don't use FM Radio, so if there's a problem with it, I will probably never fix.
2. I am not responsible for any bugs caused by your custom fixes. Use custom fixes at your own risk!
3. Regarding the texts in bottom Lockscreen, I will NOT remove them nor provide any option to disable them. Don't PM/post to ask for the removal. See Notice #1.
4. If you have battery drain, try the following:
Clear battery stats in xRecovery
Freeze unused services (like Email, DSP Manager, Maps). This is important.
Turn off 'Allow mock locations'. [unconfirmed]
Don't set brightness too high
Don't install too many unused apps.
Turn off WiFi, 2G, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth when unused
Turn OFF LED Succession. It's turned of by default, but maybe there are some people still leaving it on.
Reboot after you listen to music. Music service caused battery drain (in the past) for me, even when I stopped listening to music.
Generally I have 2-3 days without charging.
5. If you still have battery drain after following step 4, try:
Full wipe, reinstall GingerDX
Use stock GingerDX for several days to see battery problem is caused by GingerDX or not
If it isn't drain, try installing one of your apps, test battery for 1 day, install another one, and test
and so on...
That way you will know what caused your battery drain.

Thanks go to racht, nobodyAtall, zdzihu, jerpelea and lots of other contributors...
Oops I forgot to thank Cyanogen and CM team for their unbelievable efforts!
Oh, and also Google for their great Android
Holysh*t, I almost forgot SE because their nice X8 hardware and crappy software support.

I'm not responsible if this ROM bricks your lovely phone. Use it at your own risk!

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